What it's about:

In my blog I will be sharing insight to the world of motherhood through my eyes. Giving practical and spiritual encouragement through my experiences. I will share precious moments and thoughts that have stirred me to stay focused on what is important in life....loving my children and allowing them to experience God. I LOVE BEING A MOM....but I also love that along the way I can help others enjoy it as much as I do!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Is there a RIGHT or WRONG way?

I was inspired to write this blog through my relationships with other mom’s or becoming new moms. As we venture into the world of motherhood, we ask questions, observe other mothers, or read books to understand this world we are going into. Is there a right or wrong way?

The other night I was talking to a good friend and telling her how much I have learned in the area of comparing and judging other mom's to my own "ways". I told her that one day I had another mom mirror what I had been doing to other moms to me, and how it made me feel so insecure. Then I felt the Lord smile.....YES...HE SMILED....and I realized just why he allowed that to happen....Thank you LORD! Thank you for showing me how ugly I was being. Sometimes....Okay lets be honest....most of the time we are comparing our kids learning abilities to other kids their age, or sizing them up to make sure they are growing healthy and strong. Then there is the other extreme ....judging. "Wow I can't believe her child did that, mine will never be like that!" Or...."My child sleeps through the night and yours still does not???" Oh the lists go on and on.

It is so important that no matter what book you read or whatever inspiring mom you learn from.....you will be unique and different....You will be YOU! You will have your own ways that work for you and your growing family! Most importantly....every mom is different in their needs. Some may be flexible and have no need for schedules! Other moms may need structure and order to stay sain! Some may even be questioning everything they are doing, b/c they really don't know what to do. Every way is OKAY! There is no perfect way....there is no perfect child. Be okay to continue learning....be okay to test things out....be okay to be free to be who you are and mother like you want....be you and be happy....whatever makes life better for you....do it! Don't allow the judgments of others to make you feel less than who you are. God made you specifically to parent the children he gave you! He will give you the wisdom to teach and raise them, and the grace to do it all, just ask Him!

Enjoying Motherhood one day at a time.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

No matter what age....your children can know and experience God!

One of my favorite moments is putting my daughter to bed. After all our rituals that lead up to P.J's, tickles, and kisses we head to Hannah's room. I sit in my favorite place....the rocking chair next to her bed.  Most of the time Ben prays while sitting on the ottoman in front of me. He thanks God for all the blessings in our lives, gives praises to the One that deserves it all, ask God for more of Him in every area of our lives.... Meanwhile Hannah is snuggled in my arms in a cradle position with her head tucked up next to my chest. She has one thumb in her mouth and stares at daddy as he prayers. Once he is finished he gives her a soft kiss on her forehead and tells her how important she is and how she is going to change the world! She snuggles closer to me takes her thumb out of her mouth and says, "sing?" I smile....."Yes Hannah, lets sing to Jesus." (My favorite part) Why? B/c even though I can worship and listen to music in the house or in my car or even go to church where everyone is worshiping in song....this is different. During this time I have a special moment with my child and our Creator. I get to truly experience an encounter that is different than any other. I get to embrace God while my child feels and sees our connection. She experiences God's goodness, His glory, and His love as I show her what worshiping our Creator is like. Your connections with God however they look or whatever they are, are so vital for your children to see. You are showing them the Joy of living! It is not played up or a show....it is your natural expressions with God that creates an atmosphere for your children to see and know God. As they grow up they will adapt and create their own experiences with God, but take all they have learned from you, with them. :)

A mom who is learning as she grows....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Mother was born....

Being a mother is not taught, or perfected before you hold your first child in your arms....it is born. As your love could not get any bigger....as your life could not be more fulfilling.....IT HAPPENS! Becoming a mother has changed my life! As it is changing me, I am realizing how much I can change the world by training....teaching....guiding...loving this precious gift that God has given me. We live our lives not only for God, but for those around us....to see who God is and to know Him more. We have been given the opportunity to be who God has called us to be so that our children can be who they are called to be!

Changing the world....one child at a time.....